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Build Operate Transfer

With over 100,000 square feet of ready and available office space at our disposal, and a further I million Sq. Ft available through our Joint Venture partners, Atlas Software Technologies can help you extend your operations in our state-of-the-art complex. We are one of the first companies in India to offer a complete build operate and transfer model to our clients.

Some companies may face challenges in promoting the idea of taking business processes offshore and out of the corporate office. The Captive (ODC) / B-O-T model is designed to allow companies to initially leverage foreign country partners to establish an offshore team and environment, and in time, assume full control and ownership over the set-up. This scenario allows companies to leverage the value of outsourcing partners, while at the same time have a plan to keep the knowledge and the business operations in house as part of the company.

Offshore providers have local knowledge and relationships and using the offshore partner relationships, companies do not have to learn the local intricacies of doing business, hiring, or finding office space. Instead, the company focuses on their core business, while the offshore partner company oversees the development of the offshore operation, and only transfers ownership back to the company, when the company is ready for it.


The build process allows us to understand the business objectives, vision and goals.  We study the process to plan and develop the appropriate facility, staffing levels and infrastructure needs.  At this stage we develop strategic road map and obtain all regulatory approvals and create operating budgets.

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The operate phase is the maintenance, monitoring and improvement of processes.  In this phase we optimize staffing levels, implement training and project plans.  Identify communication protocols and escalation policies.

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The transfer phase passes the fully operational business unit to the client at the pre-determined contract value and time.

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