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​Remote DBA

Databases are an integral part of today's businesses. Every CIO is concerned about the security, reliability, speed of the database. In Atlas Remote DBA is a flexible solution that can be structured to fit the needs of any organization. Whether you are attempting to lower IT costs through outsourcing or looking for expertise to help you take advantage of the latest features and functions of your database, Remote DBA can help.

Some of the major impacts that Atlas Remote DBA include:

Reduced Costs

Many clients who outsource their database maintenance to Atlas experience savings of about 40% over the alternative of hiring and maintaining full time personnel. With Remote DBA, you pay only for the level of service you need.

24/7 Coverage

Balancing your systems' coverage can be time consuming. Reacting to outages on nights and weekends leaves you short staffed during daylight hours. Let Atlas Remote DBA monitor and maintain your databases and system around the clock, leaving your team free to concentrate on their duties during the day. We provide an easy, secure and cost-effective way to outsource your database administration needs or augment your existing DBA staff. Our Remote DBA service lets you have the most knowledgeable and experienced DBA — 24-hours a day, 365 days a year — for a fraction of the price.

Increased Availability

Using Remote DBA to provide maintenance services decreases the chance of sudden failure since it monitors problem areas and fixes them before they can cause down time. Flexibility Projects come up quickly and managers are often challenged to find the right resources to get a job done on time and without mistakes. Atlas Remote DBA gives you the flexibility to find the right resource with the right knowledge to augment your team during project crunches. With an unparalleled operational infrastructure and best practices, standards and procedures implemented by experienced professionals Atlas provides you all. We provide software’s for system monitoring and reporting, escalation notification, issue tracking and change management all accessible via an Internet-based Portal.

We at Atlas provide support for remote DBA for popular platforms like Microsoft SQL Server and open source databases like MySQL.